A Red Couch Interview With Comic-Con Queen Felicia Day

More than 125,000 people will flock to San Diego this weekend to attend Comic-Con, one of the world’s largest and most anticipated pop culture expos. And while the booths and panels will teem with artists and celebrities from sci-fi and comics to TV and film, the undisputed queen of recent Comic-Cons is Felicia Day.

Between her roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and her widely subscribed-to YouTube channel, Geek & Sundry, Day has taken her place among Comic-Con’s coveted royalty.

She made a name for herself after becoming an early pioneer of the online web format in 2007, when she produced, wrote and starred in The Guild, a series that satirizes the life and times of online gaming. An avid gamer, she’s since lent her voice to various video games like Fallout: New Vegas and had a fictional character she created develop into a playable character for Dragon Age.

We spoke with Day, who is at this year’s Comic-Con, about Internet fame, loneliness and general geekdom.

What it’s like being Internet famous?
It is a blessing to have people like what I do, and I’m glad I’m not recognized everywhere, just by people who enjoy my content. Also, I’ll never get a big ego because at least one negative comment is always one click away.

How did you become a geek?
I was home schooled, so I didn’t really feel like there was a culture I was a part of when I was a kid. I just happened to be raised in a little bit more of vacuum than most kids and I gravitated without any inhibition to the things I loved, which were all sorts of escapist, fantasy sci-fi and video game things.

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